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Annual Homeless Needs Assessment

Recognizing the importance of tracking changes in trends and needs of the city’s homeless population, the Manchester Continuum of Care (MCoC) conducts an annual survey of Manchester’s homeless and at-risk of homelessness population.  The survey collects a wide variety of demographic and programmatic data which provide policy makers and service providers with an up-to-date understanding of the trends and challenges facing the homeless population. 

The annual homeless needs assessment conducted by the MCoC was received so positively that the NH Bureau of Homeless and Housing used it as model in the creation of an Annual State Assessment of Homelessness.   

To read the latest Manchester Homeless Needs Assessment, please click the link below:

2010 Manchester Homeless Needs Assessment

To read the latest NH Assessment of Homelessness, please click the link below:

2012 NH Annual Homeless Assessment Report

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