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Homeless Services Center

While shelters for the homeless are available during the evening and night, many homeless people find themselves without shelter or services during the day.  The Homeless Services Center was created to further engage and connect homeless people to essential services through the provision of a daytime shelter and service center.

The Homeless Services Center provides:

  • A warm and welcoming daytime shelter
  • Free lunch to homeless guests
  • Case management and other essential services that are provided by collaborating homeless service agencies.

For more information, please visit Homeless Services Center's website.

Hours and Address:

Unfortunately, the Homeless Service Center is currently closed.

If you are in need of services or shelter during the day:

Call NH 2-1-1 by dialling 2-1-1 if you are in state or 1-866-444-4211 if you are out of state.

NH 2-1-1 is an initiative that connects callers, at no cost, to information about critical health and human services in their area.
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