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Structure of the Manchester Continuum of Care

Passage of the HEARTH Act required that Continuums of Care across the county increase their organizational capacity and ability to manage and distribute federal funds for homeless services. 

Thanks to the years of collaboration and passionate work done by the city’s leaders in homeless services, the Manchester Continuum of Care has a strong foundation on which to continue to build its organizational capacity. In order to ensure that the CoC is prepared for changes mandated in the HEARTH Act, the Manchester Continuum of Care is always updating its strategic action plan.

The current structure of the MCoC consists of a general assembly of members, many of whom lead and actively participate in the following committees:

Provides oversight and leadership in the day-to-day affairs of the MCoC.

Data Collection:
Conducts the Point-in-Time count of homelessness in Manchester and monitors performance measures set by the MCoC.

Homeless Liaison:
Acts as the liaison between the MCoC and homeless persons in Manchester and conducts the homeless needs assessment.

Community Awareness:
Educates and advocates the public on issues of homelessness, holds an annual public forum on homelessness, and organizes the annual Project Homeless Connect.

Peer Review:
Reviews and ranks new and renewal applications (for Manchester, NH) requesting McKinney-Vento Assistance funds authorized to Continua of Care.   

For information regarding any of these committees’ meeting dates, times, and locations, please see our Calendar of Events page.

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