Chair Letter – Elections Reminder

By: Susan Howland

The MCoC Leadership Task Force has worked hard over the last year to develop new by-laws for the Continuum- Bylaws.  This document contains information related to the voting of a leadership team for the MCoC. This is a very important year for our Continuum, as we will be working very hard to learn how to utilize the new Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transition to Housing (HEARTH Act) to continue and build a strong service delivery system. This will help all of us who are working so hard to help the homeless in the City to move forward in their lives and ultimately out of homelessness.

Over the years we have built a strong Continuum of Care. Our meetings are consistently filled with many different agencies with a wide variety of skills and focus areas.  We need to utilize this great momentum that we have all worked so hard to build to move into the next phase of growth for our Continuum.  The first step is ELECTIONS. 

Please consider nominating members whom you think will represent our collective best interests in serving the homeless.  There is a great deal of tremendous talent at MCoC meetings.  Please nominate!  Or, run for a position yourself if you believe you have the skill set that matches a position of interest.  Let’s build a great leadership team that works for us and with us to serve the many people who are counting on us.

Positions Available:
General Assembly Chair
General Assembly Vice Chair
Data Collection Chair
Resource Development Chair
Homeless Liaison Chair
Social Policy Chair
Community Awareness Chair
3 Leadership Committee Positions

To make a nomination contact, Kaitlin Simpson, MCoC Coordinator, at [email protected].