MCoC Committee Membership

The new year brings new opportunities for involvement with the Manchester Continuum of Care (MCoC).  The Continuum is home to four standing committees, Data Collection/Resource Development, Homeless Liaison, Public Policy, and Community Awareness.  Each committee has its own set of goals and guidelines.

The Data Collection/Resource Development Committee, chaired by Cathy Kuhn of Families in Transition, helps the MCoC’s NOFA-funded agencies to complete their NOFA application each year.  They work with the MCoC Coordinator and NH-HMIS to successfully complete the Point-in-Time (PIT) Count, Housing Inventory Chart (HIC), and Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR).  They also lead, coordinate, and monitor all MCoC data collection activities (including monthly data quality reports), and represent the MCoC on any HMIS business.

The Homeless Liaison Committee, chaired by David Carroll of Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester, helps to maintain a dialogue with local homeless outreach workers and managers of the Manchester Homeless Services Center (MHSC) to ensure that there is communication of ongoing news in the local homeless community.  They work with members in the local homeless community to identify gaps in the service system within the state and city.  They have recently created a Homeless Representatives sub-committee which meets with homeless or previously homeless individuals at the MHSC to discuss issues and services most important to them.

The Public Policy Committee, chaired by Jocelyne Pinsonneault of the Manchester School District, reviews policies of government and legislation to assess their effects on the MCoC’s goal to end homelessness.  They are also working to improve hospital and prison discharge policies in the city of Manchester and to improve the CoC’s relationship with these institutions.

The Community Awareness Committee, currently without a Chair, works to improve homeless awareness in the community of Manchester.  They also work closely with the MCoC Coordinator on effective communication through the MCoC newsletters, emails, website, and social media outlets.

If you are interested in learning more about these committees or becoming a member, please contact Katie Simpson, the MCoC Coordinator, at [email protected].