MCoC’s New Website

The Manchester Continuum of Care would like to thank Brenda Riddell and Graphic Details for creating the Continuum’s first website. As the unequivocal best Continuum of Care website in the entire nation, the website employs the professionalism and creative thinking that the Continuum values. In an age where digital media and marketing have become paramount to success for any business or non-profit, a website that features a modern layout and enhanced accessibility is crucial. It goes without saying that these accomplishments could not have been feasible without the extraordinary dedication and time that Brenda has given to the Continuum, and all pro bono.
The Manchester Continuum of Care would also like to recognize the Website Review Committee, with members from various agencies, who brought their marketing expertise and knowledge of the Continuum to develop the content for the website.
Lastly, the Manchester Continuum of Care would like to thank Lamont Stapleton, a student of Southern New Hampshire University, for providing the website with remarkable pictures of the City of Manchester.