On the Edge… At the Center: Forget Me Not

Stories from the Manchester Homeless Services Center
By: Christopher Emerson, Manager

I started the practice in December 2011 and continued this year – taking pictures of homeless guests, and giving them a copy to send home with the message “I may be homeless, but I’m doing OK!”  About 35 people accepted my offer.

I also offered to put their picture on the wall at the Center.  Many portraits grace that wall today.  A while back one of our guests asked to have her picture posted.  I agreed, of course.  She teared up and said, “I don’t want you people to forget me. Everyone else has.”

Well, that’s it, right there, isn’t it?  The homeless are often called the Invisible People, but they could just as easily be called the Forgotten People. 

The homeless often feel forgotten by family, former friends, employers, the world. That feeling, reality-based or not, can drive a person inward and quench the desire to get ahead.  Sometimes that small picture on the wall can help restore a bit of pride.