On the Edge… At the Center: “If She Can Do That…”

Stories from the Manchester Homeless Services Center
By: Christopher Emerson, Manager

Lately, Pete Samon, our provider from Goodwill Industries, has been projecting videos on the wall in the day room.  He has found excellent selections from TEDtalks, identifying pieces which carry entertainment and education with a constructive, motivational message.

Last week he showed a woman who scuba dives in her wheelchair.  Yes, she goes underwater strapped to her wheelchair.  Restricted on the land, in the water she feels free, turning cartwheels and gliding down to the depths, breaking open stereotypes of what people with limiting conditions can do.

Many homeless people have a wheelchair in their heads, unable to move, even to help themselves.  Incapacitated by many things, they need to discover new mobility.  It was amazing to watch forty homeless folks transfixed by that TED video.  Maybe one or two began to connect the dots and say, “If she can do that, then…”