On the Edge… At the Center: Sweet Discontent

By: Christopher Emerson, Manager

Here’s the bottom line at the Homeless Center.  We want to make Today a good day for the homeless, but we want their Tomorrow to be elsewhere.  The Center is not a permanent destination, just a way station.  While they’re here, we want to treat them humanely and compassionately, while encouraging them to fulfill their case plans with other providers; but we want to motivate them to work for a better Tomorrow.

That’s why I celebrate when a homeless person says, “Chris, I can’t do this anymore!  This isn’t me!   I can’t do this homeless thing anymore.  I gotta get out of here!”  Because the enemy of forward progress is contentment, we look for that sweet moment of discontent that signals their decision to get on with life.

Samuel Johnson once wrote, “Being happy at home is the end of productive human endeavor.”  Whether he was witty, wise or cynical, there is truth in that saying, and that’s why we don’t want the homeless to get too content here– for their sake.